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Dedicated to providing high quality innovative scientific solutions to meet research and development goals swiftly and reliably as trusted collaborators

Deliver innovative analytical solutions and committed to nurture the next generation of analytical scientists

Why BioApp?
We have greater than 90 years of experience in the CRO, Pharma and Clinical Markets, respected and recognised as innovative by peers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Outsourcing your Analytical support to us provides sponsors with more flexibility, and less investment in personnel and capital infrastructure, and may be done strategically or tactically depending on business, financial and technical factors.

Our commitment
We have excellent experience to undertake feasibility, method development and validation activities to support critical pharmaceutical evaluations, including toxico- and pharmacokinetics, bioavailability, drug-drug interaction studies and other systematic assessments.

Considering the volume of work required in nonclinical and clinical product development, lead times must be carefully managed to keep projects on track. We are committed to providing quality science swiftly, adapted to your requirements with follow on support to keep projects on track.

In the early stages of discovery, lead selection/optimization and nonclinical development, the focus is on science: creating and refining analysis methods that will accurately and efficiently assess the drug level in a variety of species and biological matrices.

Method development may be fraught with technical difficulty in producing a scientifically robust, consistent, transferable assay. Experience in the industry has shown us that it is critical to apply flexibility to accommodate the sponsor’s shifting needs and priorities. Each sponsor will have a unique collection of requirements which we are committed to provide by a combination of capabilities, services and processes that instil confidence and save the sponsor time and money.

We have unrivalled training and development knowledge which we offer as services either at our facilities or at your site.

Why People Choose Us?

Unparalleled Scientific Expertise
Flexible, Rapid Bespoke solutions
Reliable Scientific Expertise

The BioApp team

John Allanson

Chief Operating Officer

Mohammed Abrar

Chief Scientific Officer

Sunetha Diaram

Executive Director

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Dr Magnus Knutsson

“BioApp consultants working together with our scientists played a vital role in hitting critical deadlines for two important projects. They are both knowledgeable and professional in delivering excellent service. We will definitely continue to use their services in the future.” Dr Magnus Knutsson, Director, Bioanalysis LC-MS/MS, Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

(Company name and details protected by Confidentiality Agreement)

“BioApp have been invaluable in providing expert Bioanalysis training thereby releasing internal resources to focus on their projects during a very busy period. Our Company invested in the purchase of two high-end analyser integrated platforms which BioApp were instrumental in facilitating the implementation up to systems validation within an impressive turnaround time. Whilst recruiting for key positions in bioanalysis, I found BioApp as consultants to be invaluable in their scientific and regulatory support. This ensured business continuity allowing us to take the time necessary to select candidates without affecting sponsor study quality and timelines” (Company name and details protected by Confidentiality Agreement)

Dr Mira DoigTechnical Director, ABS Laboratories

“BioApp consultants flexible on site approach was invaluable in delivering complex methods development solutions to maintain project time-lines. They acted as mentors, fulfilling both technical and regulatory bioanalysis training roles for staff with a wide range of bioanalytical experience. Their open and professional service is greatly appreciated.” Dr Mira Doig, Technical Director, ABS Laboratories.

Dr Stephen AyrisSCIEX

BioApp deliver a fresh approach which adds a new dimension to the standard vendor offerings in the Pharma/CRO LC/MS/ MS market place. They not only combine the best-in-class detection, separation and on-line preparation techniques; but they encapsulate these elements in an end-to end-solution which includes training, method development and consultancy – all delivered by industry experts with proven track records in the bioanalytical field. SCIEX have partnered successfully with BioApp on a number of projects in the UK & Ireland, and our customers have really appreciated the value-add that our collaboration has produced.” Dr Stephen Ayris, Nordic, UK & Ireland Territory Manager, SCIEX.


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