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What we do

Laboratory based analytical services for various industries such as Drug Development, Food and Safety, Crop and Chemicals, Veterinary, Forensic etc.

    • Exploratory biomarkers (including clinical)
    • Dedicated FTE and Instrument options available (e.g PK screening/lead optimisation)
    • Applications support
      • Chiral Chromatography
      • Metabolite and multi-analyte methodologies
      • Experience in peptide, protein, oligonucleotide and antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) by LC-MS/MS
      • Oligonucleotide analysis
    • Rapid method development, method optimization or re-engineering
    • Validation studies (to FDA BMV May 2018 and EMA 2012 guidelines) for use on subsequent regulated studies
    • nGxP sample analysis
    • nGxP /exploratory bioanalysis support for Clinical studies
    • All aspects of biomarker analysis
    • nGLP discovery bioanalysis and method feasibility support
    • Expertise in multiple assays including: TK/PK, PD, safety, bioequivalence, DDI and bioavailability
    • Full support with data interpretation and statistical analysis
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Specialising in off the shelf Regulated Bioanalysis training. Training on site or at BioApp’s facility both classroom and practical sessions.


Offering consultancy services in all aspects of Bioanalysis (small & large molecules). Services range from on-site (in lab) method development through to Project management for whole programmes of work. Find the most appropriate CRO for your analytical requirements.